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Raleigh, Durham Residential Concrete 




Building Strong Residential Foundations

Best Source for Quality Residential Concrete Materials


Building Home Foundations For Life

When it comes to supplying Raleigh and Durham with the finest concrete services and materials, count on Raleigh Concrete to be there.

We've been in business 10+ years providing concrete materials for some of the biggest general contractors and builders for 100's of residential projects. (For commercial concrete projects, we can help too!)

Residential Concrete Applications:

  • Flatwork (Lead Walk, Patios, Public Sidewalk, Porch)

  • Slabs

  • Stem Walls

  • Monolithic Slabs

  • Garages

  • Basement (Footing, Walls, Slab)

  • Small Concrete Repairs

Your Residential Customers Demand Perfection

Today's home customer comes with very high demands and customized concrete requests, and home builders know this better than anyone. Self-empowered customers come with concrete design ideas backed by heavy online research and word-of-mouth.


Raleigh Concrete strives to help residential builders match that customer demand and sophistication. Our highly-qualified technicians know how to mix the right concrete formulas and apply impeccable finishes. 


Ready Mix Concrete


Pumping Services


Sand, Gravel, Aggregate

Ready Mix Concrete is a pourable material created using an exact formula in a factory or supply yard. It contains Portland cement, sand and either crushed stone or gravel.

As needed, this material is loaded into a concrete mixing truck along with the required amount of water. Mixed during transit, it arrives at the job site fresh and ready to be poured. This is the fastest, most cost effective and easiest way to complete all but the smallest jobs. Ready mix is generally ordered by the cubic yard.

We provide contractors with the most effective pumping equipment specific to their needs by the industry’s best trained operators.  


Service delays can be costly so we are mindful of our customers' needs by dispatching quickly to job sites and arriving early to prevent delays and rejection of wet batches.

At Raleigh Concrete, we offer the finest concrete mixing materials for any job or project. 

At both our locations in Raleigh and Durham, we offer the following material

  • Sand

  • Crush N Run

  • Pea Gravel

  • Standard Gravel

Top Residential Supplier of Concrete Material and Service

Residential contractors and home builders depend on suppliers who can meet tight schedules regarding residential homes and large developments. Count on Raleigh Concrete to always get the job done. We've been helping home contractors for over 10 years and fully understand the demands and your expectations. 

Our concrete mixing trucks and pumping services are ready to go with the concrete specifications you require for the job. Whether it's direct-target concrete application or if you need concrete pumping equipment for remote access, we will meet your residential concrete service need. 

Some of the benefits of working with Raleigh Concrete's residential concrete division include:

  • Onsite sales representatives for that personal-service touch

  • Need a custom residential concrete application? Just ask for your specialized mix design

  • Get contract referrals for installation

  • For remote access concrete applications, Raleigh Concrete trucks are equipped with the longest extension chutes to meet those hard-to-get home concrete applications

From the Foundation to the Finishing Touches


Raleigh Concrete technicians understand how important your residential concrete projects are. That is why our technicians go through continuous education and maintain up-to-date licensure and certifications ensuring the best in concrete technology and safety procedures are delivered to you. 

Foundations that stand the test of time start with high-quality mixes. That is why we bring the best in technological innovation to our concrete mixes. We see our name being poured into every footing, wall, slab and flatwork project. And we like to think of this as a partnership with you.


Our work impacts the families who will live, work and play in the homes we helped build together. 

When it comes to your residential concrete projects and the requirements your customers demand, rely on the fast, quality, dependable services of Raleigh Concrete LLC. We Always Get The Job Done! 

Contact Us Today about your residential concrete needs.


Our customer service reps are standing by. They'll be sure to completely understand your work site and required logistics. Additionally, our reps will be able to help answer all your questions and assist you with scheduling trucks and making sure your building timelines are met. 

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